Reducing Rotary Valve Adhesion

Industry: Chemical, product transfer
Material: 304 Stainless Steel
Case: 1502


This customer had ongoing problems with product adhesion and buildup on the surfaces of transfer lines and equipment. Rotary valves quickly became caked with product, not allowing a full “dump” of the product. The product buildup had slowed product transfer rates and lowered the system efficiency. The product production line was regularly shutdown to clean and remove caked material from the rotor veins.


The required surfaces were polished to Harrison C-75 specifications. All internal surfaces of the rotor veins were polished to reduce product adhesion. The inlet and outlet of the rotor body were also polished. The customer saw a reduction of product buildup and a significant increase in product transfer rates. The customer added the C-75 polishing to the rotor valve’s preventative maintenance schedule. All valves are reconditioned as they are rotated out and back into service.

Download Rotary Valves Adhesion Case Study #2

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