Metal Polishing - Metal Finishing Services

Metal Polishing and Metal Finishing Services

Harrison Electropolishing, L.P. specializes in several metal polishing services such as electropolishing, precision mechanical polishing, chemical passivation, oxygen cleaning, metal finishing, and chemical cleaning of high purity processing equipment.

Our metal polishing services can be provided at our Houston facility or at your job-site, anywhere in the world. We offer full technical evaluation, quotations, sales, and consulting services with quality assurance and test certifications.

With Harrison Electropolishing, you will receive service from the best and most experienced craftsmen in our industry. Our corporate mission is to provide superior service while consistently exceeding our customer's quality and delivery expectations. Our Quality Program, certified by ISO 9001:2008 standards, has allowed us to work for the most stringent industries. While top quality service is always our priority, we are committed to delivering this quality at very competitive price.

We hope you will find our website informative. You will find detailed information about each of our services and learn more about our industry.

Our sales department would be happy to answer any questions and provide recommendations regarding our electropolishing, metal finishing, precision mechanical polishing and other services.


Electropolishing is an electrochemical process by which surface material is removed by anodic dissolution...

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Chemical passivation treatment removes free iron & contaminants and promotes the formation of a chromium-rich corrosion resistant layer...

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Harrison C-75

This process delivers a smooth, cleanable surface, which reduces product adhesion and buildup....

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Mechanical Polishing

Mechanical polishing is the smoothing of a surface using mechanical tools and abrasives....

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Oxygen Cleaning

This process will effectively prepare a component to contain, or operate within an oxygen-enriched environment....

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Pickling is used extensively to clean and prepare stainless steel fabrications for service within demanding environments....

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Field Services

When it is impractical to ship a part or to remove a component from service, it may be practical to have it polished onsite....

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