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Metal Finishing Services and Applications

Applications of Metal Finishing Services

The science of metal finishing services has evolved, and as it has, new applications have been developed. Listed below are some common and some unique applications of our surface finishing services. Each link describes the application and how it can be achieved with our services.

Aesthetic Appeal

No tools come in contact with the piece so there is no risk of creating directional polishing lines...

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Improved Cleanability

An improved microfinish achieved by either mechanical polishing or electropolishing will reduce total surface area...

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Improved Corrosion Resistance

Surface contaminants, including grease, dirt, iron, and other metallic particles are inherent to the metal fabrication process...

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Improved Surface Finish

Surface finishes improved by mechanical polishing or electropolishing can improve seals, lower friction, reduce real surface area...

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Reduce Product Adhesion

Improved microfinishes that are achieved by electropolishing or mechanical polishing do more than improve the appearance of a part...

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Remove Rouge

Electropolishing can be used for stainless steel rouge removal. Learn more about the removal of rouge deposits...

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Restore a Polished Surface

By combining pickling, mechanical polishing and electropolishing processes, Harrison Electropolishing can repair damaged surfaces...

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