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Electropolishing for Threaded Parts

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Harrison EP is a leading metal finishing company that specializes in electropolishing services for industrial and high purity industries that has headquarters in Houston, TX. Since our opening in 1980 we have continually worked to expand and improve our services and electropolishing techniques. Today, with over 50 employees and expanded operating hours, Harrison EP is well suited to electropolish a multitude of metal alloys and component parts, for a multitude of industries can be processed and returned on a standard production basis (typically 3 to 6 working days).

Electropolishing Specifications


Electropolishing Process

Electropolishing is a reverse plating process, and instead of adding a coating to a part, surface imperfections such as impurities, and burrs, and other defects are removed. Parts are attached to a custom rack or basket and then lowered into a chemical bath where an electrical current is then applied to the part. The electropolishing process is monitored and refined to remove metal uniformly to customer specifications allowing great benefit on ultracleaning, microfinishing, and corrosion protection. Read more about Electropolishing Benefits».

Advantages That Electropolishing Provides

Conventional mechanical finishing systems can often stress, bend, and even fracture a metal surface when attempting to achieve smoothness or luster. Electropolishing on the other hand removes metal from the surface, thus producing a microscopically smooth, and often highly reflective surface devoid of any unidirectional pattern, making it both stress and occlusion-free. Want to know more about What is electropolishing?»


Deburring is accomplished when electropolishing a part, due to the higher current density on the burr and because oxygen shields the low areas of the part the current is more concentrated on the burr itself.

Hygienically Clean Surface

Another benefit of this electropolish process is that bacteria cannot successfully multiply on a surface devoid of hydrogen, therefore, electropolishing is ideal for medical, pharmaceutical, semiconductor, and other industries where the stainless steels integrity is critical for use in equipment and other parts. The combination of no directional lines due to mechanical finishing, plus a surface relatively devoid of hydrogen, results in a hygienically clean surface where no bacteria or dirt can multiply or accumulate.

What is Electropolishing

Electropolishing is an electrochemical process by which surface material is removed by anodic dissolution....

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Benefits of Electropolishing

Electropolishing delivers a smoother, more reflective surface that reduces product adhesion and improves surface cleanability...

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Electropolished Alloys

Stainless Steel

Improve the corrosion resistance of stainless steel by enhancing the thickness and the properties of this passive oxide film...

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Harrison EP has extensive experience in electropolishing Nickel alloys......

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The electropolishing of wrought alloys produces desirable results...

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Hastelloy’s excellent corrosion resistance may be improved by Electropolishing...

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ASME BPE Specifications

The benefits of Electropolishing are widely utilized in the pharmaceutical industry...

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Electropolishing Conveyor Belts

We have developed & assembled a continuous polishing system capable of electropolishing stainless steel conveyor belts...

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Harrison EP can process parts of all sizes......

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