Electropolishing Corrosion Resistance

Improved Corrosion Resistance through Electropolishing

Industry Standards

QQ-P-35C | SAE AMS 2700E |
Surface Treated for Corrosion

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The reality is that fabricating and handling practices invariably contaminate and degrade surface conditions. All forms of stainless steel corrosion begin on or near the surface. Surface contaminants, including grease, dirt, iron, and other metallic particles are inherent to the metal fabrication process. Additional mechanical cutting, handling and polishing will leave iron particles and abrasives embedded in the surface. The presence of surface contaminates disrupt the formation of stainless steel's naturally corrosion resistant oxide layer and are the origin of future corrosion. Electropolishing removes surface material and surface contaminants. Electropolishing dissolves free iron, inclusions, and embedded particles from the surface of stainless steel and promotes the formation of a thicker, more uniform chromium oxide layer.

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