Oil & Gas Equipment Electropolishing & Passivation

Exotic, corrosion-resistant alloys are used extensively today in the oil & gas industry. It is critical that these alloys be handled appropriately and that they are prepared for the environment in which they will be used. Real-world activities, including machining, welding, lifting, heat treating, and grinding will contaminate the surface as well as compromise the corrosion-resistant properties of the material. Electropolishingpassivation and pickling processes are used to remove contaminants, restore properties and allow the material to perform at the level to which it was originally engineered.

Common parts and components that are polished in the oil & gas industry include tubing & pipes, pipeline components, turbines, tubing manifolds, surge hoppers, large tanks, pressure vessels, and more. Harrison will provide electropolishing and passivation services on-site if your part is too large or unable to be transported. 


Harrison Electropolishing has been serving the oil & gas industry since its inception. As an ISO Certified company, we understand the demands of the industry and offer the highest quality coupled with unparalleled responsiveness.

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