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Industries Served

Our services are utilized by a diverse range of industries. While different industries utilize the same services, they often do so for different reasons. If your industry is listed below, take a moment to see how others within your market have been applying our processes. If your industry is not listed, please see where other industries have found value in our services.


Harrison Electropolishing has finished a wide range of marine components, including davits...

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Paper and Pulp

Mechanical polishing and electropolishing can produce a smooth finish for the paper and pulp industry...

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Harrison Electropolishing offers pickling, passivation and electropolishing services for Petrochemical industry...

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We offer electropolishing, mechanical polishing, passivating, de-rouging and cleaning of pharmaceutical equipment...

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Electropolished surfaces have long been the standard for high purity and corrosive semiconductor applications...

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Oil & Gas

We have been serving the oil and gas industry since its inception. It is critical that alloys are prepared with electropolishing...

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Electropolishing produces a microscopically featureless surface which is ideal for the biotech industry...

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Mechanical polishing and electropolishing can produce smooth surfaces for the production of polymers...

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We offer mechanical polishing and high purity electropolishing services for semiconductor and solar applications...

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Electropolishing and passivation have long been used to prepare stainless steel for service in the nuclear industry...

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