Improving Surface Finish using Ra & RMS Surface Roughness

Improved Surface Finish

Industry Standards

ASME B46.1 |
Removing Surface Imperfections on Parts of all Sizes

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Improved microfinishes do more than improve the appearance of a part. Surface finishes improved by mechanical polishing or electropolishing can improve seals, lower friction, reduce real surface area, allow for easier sanitation, and improve heat and light reflection.

The roughness of a surface can be measured and quantified by a profilometer. A profilometer is an instrument that measures roughness by moving a diamond tipped stylus across a surface. A profilometer will produce a reading describing the Ra & RMS. This measurement of surface roughness is produced in either micro-inches or micrometers. Harrison Electropolishing can improve and certify the surface finish of a wide range of materials by either electropolishing or mechanical polishing.

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