Advantages of Passivation of Titanium

Titanium provides high specific strength, good high temperature properties and exceptional corrosion resistance. Titanium's corrosion resistance is provided by a tightly adherent TiO2 film. Its excellent corrosion resistance makes titanium an option for chemical processing equipment, marine equipment, biomedical implants and much more.

While titanium possesses excellent corrosion resistance, it still may be affected by surface contaminates and oxides which may be removed by passivation and finishing.

Benefits of Passivating Titanium

 Titanium can be mechanically polished to improve surface finishreduce product adhesion and to improve cleanability. Harrison Electropolishing can mechanically polish titanium and certify surface finishes as low as 4 Ra micro-inches. The passivation of titanium does not affect or improve its corrosion resistant oxide layer. However, passivation of titanium does remove iron and other surfaces contaminates.



  • ASTM B600



Harrison Electropolishing can passivate titanium assemblies of all sizes to ASTM specifications, or your industry or company-specific requirements.

Harrison Electropolishing can oxygen clean and chemical clean a wide range of titanium components.

Contact us to discuss Harrison Electropolishing's titanium component services including titanium polishing, titanium passivation, oxygen cleaning and more.

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