Reducing Conveyor Screw Adhesion

Industry: Chemical, product transfer
Material: 304 Stainless Steel
Case: 1501


This customer had ongoing problems with product adhesion and buildup on the surfaces of transfer lines and equipment. The product buildup had slowed product transfer rates and lowered the system efficiency. Conveyor screws quickly developed product buildup, and began to place a large load on the drive motors. Product line was regularly shutdown to clean product buildup from screw faces. Surfaces exhibited heavy pitting due to corrosive environment.


The required surfaces were polished to Harrison C-75 specifications. The shaft and flight faces of the conveyor screw were polished to reduce product adhesion. The OD surface was not polished so that the critical dimension was not altered. The customer saw a significant reduction of product buildup. Interval between cleaning shutdowns was increased. Time required to perform cleaning operation was decreased. Drive motors no longer experienced elevated loads. 

Download Conveyor Screw Adhesion Case Study #1

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