Semiconductor Cleaning

Electropolished surfaces have long been the standard for high purity and corrosive semiconductor applications. Harrison Electropolishing offers high purity electropolishingcleaning and cleanroom packaging services, all performed under stringent quality system guidelines.

Harrison Electropolishing is an approved vendor of Applied Materials, Inc. for their critical, class 1 electropolishing. Please take the time to review our services and you may see why Harrison Electropolishing has been the choice of leading semiconductor companies for high purity electropolishing services.

Semiconductors are in everything from smartphones to medical equipment. They are the building blocks of tech and affect almost every aspect of daily life. Without them, the modern world would look very different. To run effectively, semiconductors must be clean; even the smallest impurities can alter their electronic properties and render them useless.

Electropolishing semiconductor parts is an option that can ensure the objects are incredibly clean and ready for installation. The electrochemical process uses an electric current to remove thin layers of a metal surface, eliminating rough edges, burrs, and imperfections. Harrison Electropolishing L.P., founded in 1980, is a leader in the electropolishing industry.

Electropolishing Semiconductor Parts

Electropolishing is not suitable for all semiconductor components. Companies primarily use the process in the research and development industry and for specialized applications, typically when they employ exotic semiconductor materials like gallium nitride. GaN is a hard and brittle material that makes traditional polishing methods challenging. Electropolishing offers controlled material removal that achieves a smooth finish without introducing damaging defects.

Companies may also use electropolishing for micro-machined structures for micro-electromechanical systems. The polishing technique is perfect for smoothing internal surfaces while preserving feature dimensions and minimizing material removal.

In determining the appropriate method of cleaning and polishing for your parts, we consider factors like electrolyte composition, current density, and other process parameters. When electropolishing semiconductor parts, we dial in our systems precisely to reduce any risks of damaging or altering properties.

Electropolishing Facility and Standards

In our 25,000-square-foot facility, we house a 360-square-foot class 1000 cleanroom. We also have four overhead cranes, allowing us to handle up to 15,000 lbs. of materials. The facility also contains four full-time electropolishing lines and expanded operating tanks. As a leader in electropolishing services for industrial and high-purity industries, we uphold several industry standards, including:

  • ASTM B912
  • SEMI F17
  • SEMI F19

Advantages of Electropolishing Semiconductors

For semiconductors that are suitable for electropolishing, there are many advantages. First, the process provides a clean surface by eliminating even the smallest impurities. Second, electropolishing is gentler than other polishing methods, meaning there is less risk of damaging the parts. Third, the process does more than clean the surface; it polishes it, which results in a smooth surface ideal for electrical contacts. Finally, depending on the material, electropolishing can improve corrosion resistance.

Electropolishing for Semiconductors

Electropolishing semiconductor parts with Harrison Electropolishing is advantageous and suitable for many semiconductor parts, especially in industrial and high-purity industries. Contact us if you would like more information on the electrochemical process.

Harrison Electropolishing can mechanically polish carbon steel to improve its surface finish. All surfaces, from cast to finely machined, may be mechanically polished to achieve a specified surface finish. Commonly polished components include exchanges, valves, mixers, product transfer piping and reactor piping. Contact us today regarding our carbon steel polishing services.

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