Polishing Petrochemical Parts & Components

Harrison Electropolishing offers pickling, passivation and electropolishing services to produce the improved corrosion resistance required by the petrochemical industry. We also perform mechanical polishing, electropolishing, and the Harrison C-75 polishing process that each produces surfaces that reduce product adhesion. Petrochemical companies have long chosen Harrison Electropolishing for our affordable, high-quality operations, our exceptional service and prompt turnaround time.


Common parts and components that are polished in the petrochemical industry include tubing & pipes, pipeline components, surge hoppers, large tanks, and pressure vessels. Harrison will provide electropolishing and passivation services on-site if your part is too large or unable to be transported. 


Harrison Electropolishing has been serving the petrochemical industry since its inception. As an ISO Certified company, we understand the demands of the industry and offer the highest quality coupled with unparalleled responsiveness.

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